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Dreams Updates
Dreams Updates
Mi 5. Jun 2019, 16:21 » Hanfi1311

Deutschland, Bayern
Dreams Update 1.03

Am Donnerstag kommt das erste große Dreams EA Update, hier gibt's alle News:

Schaut auch mal die 2te Hälfte von dem Video an, da baut Kareem mit dem neuen "Ancient Times Kit" und stellt die Sachen ein bisl vor :D

Re: Dreams Updates
Do 6. Jun 2019, 16:15 » Hanfi1311

Deutschland, Bayern
Zusammengefasst alle neuen Features von Update 1.03:

What’s New feature
New Imp Quests
Mm Arcade
Ancient Times Kit
More Info settings
Cover Pages
Creation Listing
Social Media Short-links
Blocking users

Hier nochmal im Einzelnen alle "Kleinigkeiten", die gefixed wurden:

Updated: New options and functionality are available for AutoSurfing.
Fixed: Various crashes and hangs which could be encountered throughout Dreams.
Fixed: Various text and localization errors throughout Dreams.

Create Mode
Fixed: Controller indicator icon was missing on some button prompts when using PlayStation®Move motion controllers
Fixed: When in Coat Mode interacting with the Colour Picker would apply colour through the UI to assets behind.
Fixed: Strange side-to-side torso wobble when returning a Puppet to standing from a laying down pose.
Fixed: Default puppet needed updating if the character was selected from categories.
Fixed: When painting onto a character with existing paint on it using Surface Snap, after undoing some paint is left behind as if it is part of the original paint object on the Puppet.
Fixed: If the Puppet rig was not placed correctly over the Puppet base the sway tweak could cause the Puppet to be pushed forwards or backwards over the base while the feet attempted to stay central.
Fixed: In the Colour Picker, when trying to drop a second colour into the mixer the imp would unintendedly snap to the surface when Surface Snap was on.
Fixed: When in Coat Mode and choosing a colour with the Colour Picker, it was possible to scale the Volume Brush without seeing the brush.
Fixed: Grabbing a jointed object in Play Mode could cause attached sculpts to suddenly increase in size and move.
Fixed: When using FK animation and keyframing individual Puppet legs this would override the procedural walking animations and the legs wouldn’t move.
Fixed: Reverting or changing the finish or hue of an object in Coat Mode was not recorded properly when using an Action Recorder.
Fixed: When sculpting, if the shape had been “crushed” it would not move with the camera so would get further and further from the screen.
Fixed: It was possible to start a Connector inside a Puppet and scope out of the group to then connect it to another object.
Fixed: When in Playtest Mode, pausing the game with the Camera unlocked would cause the blurred effect to persist.
Fixed: Various performance and engine-side issues to improve the experience.

Fixed: Imp Text Prompt outputs were still present on the Dialogue Text Displayer even after the option had been turned off.
Fixed: When animating a Text Gadget gizmo rotating in position, there was an unexpected rotation when the animation was played back causing the gizmo to rotate unexpectedly.
Fixed: Animating a coat effect on a keyframe would fail to apply any effect if the keyframe already had animation information assigned to sliders.
Fixed: If an Action Recorder was placed on a Timeline at the start of recording an animation, the rewind hotkey (L3) would fail to end the recording.
Fixed: When recording possession with the microphone turned on, the Playhead in the animation progress bar would fail to move.
Fixed: When using the Action Recorder, if it had been set to play once before recording the Playhead on the animation progress bar would fail to move.
Fixed: The Power port of the Teleporter Gadget did not show when wiring until the Imp and Wire were over the tile instead of appearing as soon as a Wire was being held.
Fixed: On the Trigger Zone gizmo, the cone-shaped zone would jump to an unexpected position when the cone cap was grabbed.
Fixed: When updating an asset which has a keyframe affecting scale attached to it, on applying the update in a containing Dream the asset would be scaled twice.
Fixed: Prompts past the 10th Imp Prompt could not be independently selected on the Dialogue Text Displayer.
Fixed: When a Timeline is pinned, the rewind and play buttons could get blocked by sculpts or canvases near the camera.
Fixed: When using the Adjust Handle on the right end of the Action Recorder gadget it couldn’t be resized to one frame long on a Timeline.
Fixed: It wasn’t possible to record a keyframe Playhead when using the motion controllers.
Fixed: When hovering over the background of the Play/Pause button on a Timeline, the button will repeatedly focus and un-focus.
Fixed: When a Timeline has been powered off with a smoothed signal, objects being animated would not revert correctly to the default pose.
Fixed: Pressing the Up directional button over the “Tail shape” slider on the Text Displayer tweak menu wouldn’t increase the value unless the button was held for over a second.
Fixed: Some gadget zones would fail to find their target if they were flipped.
Fixed: Players could not manually enter a value into the Operation Slider of the Score Modifier gadget.
Fixed: The Advance Rotator’s X and Y axis were not consistent with the values of other gadgets with similar functions.
Fixed: After pressing Undo the Wire nodes on a Microchip did not return to their original positions.
Fixed: Some node icons in the Controller Sensor had the top of their icons clipped.
Fixed: When a gadget Camera is attached to a spinning block, if scaled down this could cause lag in the camera.
Fixed: If a Checkpoint gadget had been linked to a Doorway or other gadget, the zone options would be greyed out on the tweak menu but the zone would still be visible.
Fixed: Sending a signal to the Signal Manipulator would cause two Bypass options to be present.
Fixed: When a Force Applier set to Pull had its strength increased to 100% the object would be pulled to the centre then dropped immediately.
Fixed: In the Checkpoint gadget, the Zone Shape didn’t highlight to indicate the selected shape when another gadget was plugged into the Activate Me port.
Fixed: The Text Displayer’s Opacity and Brightness settings would together affect the text box border.
Fixed: Text created using the Text Displayer would fade in a way inconsistent to other assets in the game.
Fixed: The Follower gadget would not follow a Tag custom position when the position of the Tag had been offset.
Fixed: When using a Controller Sensor to activate a keyframe that alters a sculpt, repeatedly pressing this button would cause the sculpt to distort.
Fixed: When using the Speaker gadget the coloured dots used to represent speaker positions would render outside of the bounds of the Surround Pan if a Splitter was wired into it.
Fixed: On the Emitter gadget, grabbing the arrow gizmo would cause it to move unexpectedly.
Fixed: Text boxes created using the Text Displayer in a scene would prevent the player from sensing grab through it using the Imp.
Fixed: When positioning text using one of the text gadgets near the edge of the screen, the camera would drift and cause the text box to offset from the Imp tip.

Sound Mode
Fixed: In Sound Mode, if the user had two sound strokes selected on the Piano Roll and one was against the left border, de-selecting the first would prevent the second from moving any further to the left.
Fixed: In Sound Mode, if a Sound Gadget’s Piano Roll was set to below D5, switching to Row Mapping would result in notes drawn on the top row not having a resize gizmo.
Fixed: In Sound Mode, it was possible to place notes beyond the extreme left border of the Piano Roll.
Fixed: In Sound Mode, the Draw Notes tool was visible in both Freeform and Slice Mapper views despite not being usable in these modes.
Fixed: In Sound Mode with Music Snap turned off, re-sizing would snap to whatever value was set in Music Snap.
Fixed: Using a keyframe to adjust a Sound Gadget’s Coarse Pitch setting would not be accurate.
Fixed: After selecting a Sound Stroke on the Piano Roll view and then attempting to move it on the Freeform view the selected stroke would not be moved correctly.
Fixed: In Sound Mode, the Effect Field’s filter effect settings were incorrect visually.
Fixed: When in Sound Mode on an instrument with canvas pinned to screen, performing would have unexpected results.
Fixed: When a sound asset’s Playback Mode setting had been changed, undoing a separate setting would reset the Playback Mode.

Fixed: In the Dreamiverse, changing Categories or Tags did not reset the filtered results to the beginning.
Fixed: Collaborators would receive a message warning that another player was editing a creation even when only viewing the creation.
Fixed: Giving a Thumbs up to Creations played on the AutoSurf Complete page would not contribute towards the progression of the Imp Quest ‘Bravo’.
Fixed: When searching it was possible to filter Collections by “Remixable” which would never return any results.
Fixed: When a player got a notification regarding a Tag being censored the notification would appear blank.
Fixed: When searching the Dreamiverse, changing a letter quickly would not update the search and would show incorrect results.
Fixed: When a sound asset was placed in a Collection and then edited from within it, the asset’s audio preview would be lost when not inside the Collection.
Fixed: In the Dreamiverse, when a Comment had multiple lines which would auto scroll when selected the L2 and R2 prompts to move the text had no functionality.
Fixed: There were no Tags present on any of the creations seen in the Mm Showcase.
Fixed: When the Imp went off screen for a short time it would lose one of its eyes.
Fixed: Holding the OPTIONS button after re-centring the Imp would cause the Imp to have an odd blur when moving around.
Fixed: When uploading a Photo, spamming the Upload button could cause the Photo to become corrupted both in the game and on
Fixed: The Search function did not work in the “MM Stuff” tab of the Homespace Editor.
Fixed: When exiting an auto-backup save the player would be taken to the Dream’s details page but missing many options and details, the Dream would then be deleted upon exiting this page.
Fixed: Some improvements made to the overzealous profanity filter.
Fixed: When writing a comment using a USB keyboard, if the controller disconnected via timeout the player would be exited out of the review and lose all their progress.

Fixed: Various bugs across Mm Content, including Intro Levels, Tutorials, Assets and Templates.

Re: Dreams Updates
Fr 7. Jun 2019, 02:07 » mdkd99

Immer noch keine Stick Steuerung. :(
Aber sind trotzdem viele gute Änderungen und Bugfixes dabei. Vor allem die Funktion, einfach einen Wert einzugeben statt langem Scheiben von Reglern ist gut.

Re: Dreams Updates
Mi 2. Okt 2019, 21:15 » mdkd99

Hey Leute, ein neues Dreams Update ist da. Lest es euch mal durch:

Dreams Updates
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